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How to Install an OWC Mercury Accelsior Pro Q PCIe SSD into a Mac Pro 2008 - UPDATED

Does the GTX install easily? Were you able to find a new or only used? Thanks, DC. Do NOT select legacy video. The other monitor is DVI only. After doing all of this do the SMC reset last , both monitors finally came up. Boot screens come up correctly, etc. Shawn — do you have two monitors working with the GTX ? See my reply to David above I inadvertently said your name instead of David. Have a Power Mac 5. Just put in new cables and the monitors are one years old. Have 64 ram on the machine. Have the new Radeon RX a month ago.

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When powering down on the Mac it will give black and white checker board screen before it goes off. So is it the new video or is it in the machine itself? Does less than one hour of operation count as new, for you? I have an unemployed RX; make me an offer, if you are US-based.

OWC / Other World Computing Radeon RX 580 Bundle For Mac Pro (2010-2012)

Have you or anyone tested dual monitor configurations with either a GTX or in an older Mac Pro? That would be good info. Yes , I have a mac pro 3,1 upgraded to Mohave dosdude just like you. I have a mac flashed GTX and I run dual monitors with no issues. My Mac Pro 5. It seems no Nvidia driver is available for Mojave, although I am told that one was submitted to Apple for approval soon after Mojave was released. Six months later, this approval is still on hold.

A big thumbs down to Apple for treating their customers with such utter contempt. It should not be possible to upgrade the operating system unless the hardware is compatible with the upgrade, and Apple needs to address this problem without delay.

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It would be helpful if update scanned your hardware for compatibility, but sadly. A sorry situation! Nobody knows when the right driver will be released. Some cards have a driver built into the operating system by Apple, but these are usually of moderate performance. I would really like to return to High Sierra, but sadly my backup disk failed! Successful update from Late Mac Pro 4. Then installed the Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX with double mini 6 pin to 8 pin connector — not easy to find — and updated easily to Mojave.

Original processor and 16 GB old Memory, no serious trouble so far. So I need to know if it will works fine, and may not cause problem with the original power supply. I seen that the rx works fine with mac pro , and I think that there are no great difference in power comsuption between these two cards, please help me to make my choise.

Not yet endorsed by Apple, as the current draw seems right on the watt limit. A bit tempted, but might wait to see how it goes. The performance is better with older Snow Leopard on this system, so I installed Mojave on another partition.


Thanks so much, I am going to understand what you are saying. I want to do this, but I am a bit paranoid. I am on I just want to make sure I know what I am doing! Thanks for the info. I would guess that it would run better that way.

This message was directed to Sobriquet Johnson. I personally would flash the motherboard firmware to that of the 5,1 model. The only hitch I have heard is that the Apple Store will still see your Mac as a 4,1 model and not let you download Mojave. If you know someone with a Mac that will download it, do so and make your USB installer stick. It should install just fine on your firmware upgraded Mac.

32-bit software will no longer run

This included the latest Hello , it seems that the numbers for the MP6,1 are not correct, as the D score higher than the D? My HD metal supported, runs fortnite equipped mac pro mid will not run Mojave — during boot the screen goes blank and the wireless keyboard is unresponsive. Mine runs ok — make sure you have the switch flipped to the correct position Mac side not Windows side. Yes, I installed mojave in a mac pro 3.

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What's new. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Ric Ford Start date Apr 11, Tags boot cards cheesegrater cpus firmware graphics pcie trash can trashcan upgrades. Support MacInTouch First Prev 5 of 10 Go to page. Channels Apple, Products. Neil Maller. Chris R. Inspired by this thread, I went out and bought a new toy on eBay David Ramsey.

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A similarly configured current Mac Pro with this configuration: 2. Mike V. David Ramsey said:. Yes, this is a significant amount to invest in obsolete technology, but I think it probably makes more sense than spending a similar amount of money on even older tech. The performance of the Mac Pro 6,1, especially with NVMe internal drive, will be superior to that of the older machine. Neil Maller said:. Unfortunately, this RX is not one with the much-referenced, but rarely if ever encountered in the wild, Apple-specific firmware. As such, it has some known drawbacks.

There's no startup chime, and the screen remains completely black until the OS loads fully. As a result, the Option key startup drive selector is inoperative, although, once fully booted, you can use Startup Disk in System Preferences. It's probably not possible to boot into the recovery partition, although I haven't tested this yet. If it should become necessary, I can reinstall the original video card and regain access.

I assume you're faced with those same limitations? There is a way to hack the RX card's existing firmware to make the Mac recognize it as fully compatible, but the tools to do this only run under native Windows including Boot Camp, but excluding VM's. Kathryn Jenkins.

Quick question about adding a drive on a card: which slot is recommended? Kathryn Jenkins said:. Richard Murray. Richard Murray said:. Do you have a link for this? It's natively supported on Macs as of macOS Sierra. It should be noted that you will want to use the SwitchResX app for setting your monitor screens, especially if you are using a 4K monitor. I don't know if this is the problem you are having, but it's worth mentioning. When these are sold, they will not be restocked. TKS Ose.

David Blanchard.

Wringing the Life Out of an Old Mac Pro Tower

Ladd said:. Ric Ford MacInTouch.

Basically, you download and save the card's firmware locally under Windows, for lack of suitable Mac tools , and use a hex editor to change its version number to one that a Mac will recognize.